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Volusia County Schools Employee Health and Wellness Expo

Gym Exhibitor Do’s and Don'ts:


Please Do:

  • Plan to arrive and set up on Saturday, April 21 between 7:00 AM -9:00 AM

  • Bring a hand truck or dolly to transport your supplies from the parking lot

  • Bring table cloths and table decorations

  • Bring a Gift Basket or Raffle Item

  • Bring business cards/fliers/handouts

  • Offer Coupons/Discounts

  • Have a demo prepared with music selected for DJ

  • Wait for your scheduled demo time

  • Have script for announcement of your demo

  • Have enough staff for your performance

  • Bring samples


Please Don’t:

  • Plan to set-up after 10 AM

  • Leave before 2 PM

  • Request electricity the day of the event

  • Drive up to the door of the venue to unload

  • Sell any items of any kind in the building

  • Hang anything on the walls

  • Block another exhibitor’s space or visibility

  • Play loud videos/music or presentations from your table 

  • Have a demo that exceeds 3 minutes

  • Pull people from the crowd or staff outside of your own staffing for demo participation